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Tuesdays 6:30 - 7:15

Below is a list of things you will need to bring to the theatre for your show dances.

Some items can be purchased from the dance school - click on the items to be taken to the shop page. 


You will need to bring:

Tan tights

Tan jazz shoes


White dress, collar, belt, 2 wrist cuffs

Chloe J + Chloe B

Black hareem pants, black top, coin belt, headband, black jazz shoes


Yellow hareem pants, yellow top, coin belt, headband

Emma, Ruby, Sofia, Jasmine, Lily, Bella

White skirt, white leotard, belt, gold headband (pick up gold choker side stage)

All others

White dress, gold belt, gold headband

Gypsy Dance

You will need to bring:

Black jazz shoes

Tan tights

Gypsy skirt

Belt with ribbon

Coin belt

White net petticoat

Black choker

Rock of Ages

You will need to provide:

Tan tights

Black jazz shoes

Individual costumes and accessories

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