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What I love about Linzi Grace School of Dance

Updated: Mar 14

Welcome to our new blog page, where you can find all things "Linzi Grace School of Dance"

Group picture during Dance Fusion show

I thought I'd make the first article about what the students love about the dance school, their classes, and being a part of the close knit Linzi Grace School of Dance family.

To start with I'll share a bit about what I love the most about being Principal at the dance school and the best bits about the school for me.

It sound cliché but my favourite bits are seeing the students progress - whether it be big achievements like a student getting accepted into a great college to continue their studies, an ex-student landing a great dance job, someone finally achieving that extra turn in their pirouettes or improving on their flexibility, right down to a pre-schooler finally joining in a class unassisted after holding mums hand for weeks on end. The big wins/the small wins: they all feel amazing!

Finale from Dance Fusion show

Another favourite thing is our summer show. It takes a full year and many hours of choreo, organising, sewing, stress, tears and sleepless nights, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love producing the show and creating dances the students can feel proud of. Seeing them beaming on stage, loving themselves and seeing how much they enjoy performing is everything!

I also love the friendships we make over the years. By the time the seniors leave in their final year to go off to college or university, it really does feel like family leaving the nest and I feel lost for the first few weeks of the next term without them. I love seeing the strong bonds and friendships formed between students who wouldn't have otherwise met as they go to different schools. We are so much more than just a dance school - we are a dance family and I feel fiercely proud and protective of all my amazing family members.

Happy dancers Llandudno

But enough about me - lets see what the members themselves love about being a member of our dance school.

"I love it because we're all a big family and encourage each other not to give up and reach our goals and that everyone is amazing dancers, and we put together amazing shows"

Sienna age 15

What I love most about being a member of Linzi Grace school of Dance is having a fun time with my friends learning dances ready for the show which we all love doing. It's one of my favourite weekends of the year"

Maisy age 13

"I love being a part of LGSD because I have made so many friends, and Linzi has made me feel so comfortable and amazing whilst dancing"

Ellie age 16

"I love being a member of Linzi Grace because they always make me feel at home and Linzi has made me confident and I could not wish for anything better"

Millie age 13

"I love how accepting we are of everyone, we're all like one big happy family doing what we love. I love the friendships I've made from dance, and I know they're going to last a lifetime! Also obviously I love the dances we create together and performing them on stage is another kind of amazing"

Chloe age 16

"What I love about being a member of Linzi Grace is that there is a lot of different dance styles for different people. In my opinion Musical Theatre, Ballet, Disco and Modern are the best styles for me. Everyone is supportive and kind"

Amelia age 12

"I love being a member of Linzi Grace because of the friends I've made. My closest 3 friends I have dances with my whole life. I love being part of a team and a having a group of girls that I know will always have my back"

Ruby age 16

"The thing I most enjoy about Linzi Grace School of Dance is definitely the shows and being able to perform what we have done in class, it's something I look forward to all year. I also love the friends I've made along the years.

Alexa age 12

"I love being a member of Linzi Grace because it's such a friendly environment and everyone gets along so well. I have such a passion for dance and I would love to have a career in dance. My teacher really inspires me to work hard and achieve this goal. I love the opportunities we get as we do a show every year and take part in many events associated with other dance schools"

Chloe age 16

"I love all the different dance styles we learn. I have made so many great friends and I love all the opportunities we get to perform at different local events. The summer show we do is amazing!!

Jessica age 13

And a message from our head girl:

"Linzi Grace School of Dance is one of my favourite places to be. My two favourite things about Linzi Grace are how special all the people there are to me as it's such a close community. We are encouraged to improve whilst Linzi always lets us know that she believes in us and how talented we all are"

Izzy age 17

Girls in ISTD modern exams

A few of our younger members were also invited to say some of their favourite things:

The Halloween party Elowen age 8

Learning the show dances Molly age 9

That all the classes are different Everly age 9

I like it all Elsi age 9

The tap dance in my favourite Darcey age 7

Making friends Emily age 9

Making up our own dances Bella age 9

That everyone's included Ada age 10

Practicing for the shows Megan age 11

Please feel free to add in the comment box below anything you or your child love about being a member of the Linzi Grace School of Dance.

Tanks for taking the time to read our first blog post.

Linzi x

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1 Comment

As a LGDS Dance Mum I can see over the years how much more confident Chyna has become and alot of that is from being part of the Linzi Grace Dance Family. Watching her on the stage be it with the Junior Squad or The Dance Fusion show is always a proud moment. Chyna has made long lasting friendships and for me i love the social chats I get to have with my fellow dance mums.

Thank You Linzi for all you do!!

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