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Pre School

(Age 2-3)

For our Pre School age group we currently have classes in Ballet. More exciting classes coming soon.

Princess Ballet Penrhyn Bay

Princess Ballet

Princess ballet classes

Children the learn the foundations of ballet taught by a different princess each week in these fun pay-as-you-go classes.  

The class is structured so that it starts with the same 3 exercises and then changes to suit the princess theme of the week. 

They are taught balance, jumps, marches, skipping and many other simple movements to start them on their ballet journey

Princess Ballet Llandudno

Pre School Princess Ballet

Wednesday 1:30 - 2:00 (Penrhyn Bay Community Centre)

with Sarah

Pre School Princess Ballet

Wednesday 2:15 - 2:45 (Penrhyn Bay Community Centre)

with Sarah


Pre school ballet Llandudno

Pre School Dance

Pre School Dance

These new and exciting classes will cover the basics of many different genres of dance, including acro, mini pop stars, disco, modern and even some basic tap. 

Children will explore a different theme each week by trekking through the jungle, going to the circus or jetting off into space. 

Pre school ballet conwy

Pre School Dance

Details coming soon

with Sarah

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